April Desktops

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here are 2 desktops i made for april, enjoy:)

Dipsie Doodle

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Good Afternoon Everyone,
Posting this early to get caught up, all is not shown, anyone that reads my blog knows i hate doing previews! Anyway the kit comes with over 40 elements, 19 frames, 30 papers and 15 QP's. I would love to see you finished layouts with any of my kits :) Hope you all enjoy and have a great weekend.
Members can download here-
& here is todays freebie for all 2 of the 15 QP's Enjoy.
Note:If your going to pick a kit it will be a dollar left hand side, you will also find Member info there too, please read before clicking:)
Lucy i have gotten all of your emails i don't think you have gotten mine but i will be posting the kit Monday for all :)

Trucks N Stuff

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Good Morning All,
Hope All Is Well & Everyone Had A Great Safe Holiday Yesterday:)
All Is Well Here, the twins are getting big and getting into everything. They are also fighting alot these days over toys attention etc. My older son is still just being a pain not listening and driving me crazy! Then there are the girls arguing all the time complaining about everything to the point that i watch the clock in horror of 3pm when they get home! Isn't it great to be a parent:) Wow i guess i just need a kid free day, and real soon!
Anyway i made this kit with boys in mind, Trucks N Stuff. Yeah i really couldn't think of a name, lol
Hope you like it:) Members please download here-

and the freebie link down below enjoy.
if your going to download please say thanks- http://www.4shared.com/dir/13721177/72aa677c/Trucks_N_Stuff.html
if your going to "Pick A Kit" or join that would be on the left hand side, Please read before clicking.

St. Patty Freebie

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Good Morning All,
Here are 4 qp's that i did for St. Patty's Day for you all, enjoy n have a safe holiday:)

Dear Journal

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Hello All, I'm A Little Under The Weather as i'm sure alot of you are. The twins turned 3 on tuesday and wednesday was my fourth year of being married, but today i have a cold and all three sons do too. I just got this packed up and ready for you now i'm going to sleep most of the weekend! enjoy and have a great weekend.
Members download here-
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