Sugar Kisses

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Hello All,
This would be the last for February the shortest month, Sugar Kisses :) For those who don't know that's like saying sweet kisses. I noticed the weather is changing and everyone keeps getting sick, yep I'm one of them! Today was real nice above 60 degrees but the news says get ready for a winter mix of snow and rain for Sunday so it goes up and down. Next Tuesday the twins turn 3 so I'm very happy about that and also my husband and i make 4 years of being married :) time sure does go by quick. My little ones are talking alot more just not saying it right, daddy comes out perfect but mommy comes out nammie or meme- but i do like how they made up their own name for me. So next week I'm going to be back with a free for all so enjoy your weather and I'll talk to you all soon:)
Not All Is Shown There Is About 13 Frames 18 Papers 30 Elements and 3 qps in all
and the freebie for all here--
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My Baby Shower

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Good Morning All,
I made a Pregnant woman and a little baby peeking out :) anyway someone asked me for this so here it is in 4 colors but just one kit. You Have pink blue and green n yellow for those who want different colors. I Tried my best to show all the pieces but as always not all is shown i also included some extras just in case you want to mix match the colors. Enjoy
If your going to pick this kit (left hand side for more info) You dont get to pick the color you get all that you see all 4 colors.
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My Lil Boogie

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Good Day All,
Yes I Have Been Missing In Action, I Have Been A Little Under The Weather But I Got This One Packed Up And Ready. This Is My Lil Boogie- This Was Made For My Niece Jaylyn Who Is Not In To Dolls And Make Up Like Other Girls :) Oh We Call Her Boogie Not In A Bad Way It Just Happened:) Kisses Baby! I Have Some Emails To Get Too And I Will Be Doing That Now.
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