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Holiday Frames 2

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Holiday Frames 1

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Santa's Playground _ Winter Chill

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Happy Holidays Everyone :)
Yes i know it's been awhile since I've been on, but life has become a bit busy :(
This year makes last year sound like a party, and i know I'm not the only one! Everyone has to have felt the change already. I am the biggest Christmas nut but i already decided to wait till next year and to let this one just pass by. It's just not the same for me or my family and friends this year. Hours have been cut, People have lost their job- or can't find one! A lot of us hit rock bottom it sucks so this holiday season just doesn't feel so great at all. I can stand outside my house and look around and what I see is not what i saw last year, my neighbors just aren't in the mood. Last year the whole block was decorated in lights this year i put mine up and so far I'm the only one and some still haven't taken down their pumpkins and fall stuff, so i figure if i do it it may cause i chain reaction well guess what i got? Some one took some of my light bulbs :( i mean come on now why would anyone want to do that? so i had to redo them :( I saw the news the other day and it sucks about the job chain reactions that are going on, yep it hit here too:( but life still goes on. I Hope everyone is doing their best, put up your lights! chances are that little twinkle would put a smile on someones face. It always gets bad before it gets better, right????

Yep this is part of the family, the twins do look weird! John picked today to shave off their hair :(

I'm posting 2 because i'v been away so i need to catch up :)
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