Babies Are Us

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Good Morning All,
Its been along few days but i finally had the time to get this done. Babies Are Us- Comes with babies, lol A Boy & Girl and Baby animals- cow, pig, zebra, lion, panda, bear, Mouse & Giraffe.
All Is not shown!!! This is for members but as you can see i have to mini frames as today's freebie for all i hope you all like it and enjoy:) Please Feel free to click on image to see it better.
Note: If your going to join or "Pick A Kit" Please allow 12 hours for a response.
Members Can Get It Here: Members Only
and the freebie for all Here: Freebie

Disney Princess Frames

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9 more:)

Disney Frames

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20 different frames to chose from:)

Snow White, Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Winnie The Pooh, Toystory, Bugs Life, Mickey Mouse, Mulan, Sleeping Beauty, Minnie Mouse, Lady and The Tramp and More To Come Soon:)


Jillie The Teenaged Monkey(Add On)

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This is a couple of bits from the kit that i forgot to add, 3 more papers 2 frames 2 borders 4 word art & A Complete Alpha:)
For Members Only-Add On
This Is For Members & Also Comes With The Rest Of The Kit If You Choose To "Pick A Kit"

Go Here To Get A Qp Freebie-

Jillie The Teenaged Monkey

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Good Evening All,
This is something i put together for my members, Jillie The Teenaged Monkey. This kit was made with my step daughter in mind, she likes monkeys and she talks like she sending a text message like most teenagers do now. IDK (I dont know) OMG (Oh my god) and so on.
its a fun filled kit, not all is shown and it comes with 2 qp's as you can see and all of you's will be getting one as a freebie:)
I would like to thank all of you for the great comments that i have been getting and i'm happy that you enjoy my creations:)
Thank you and happy scrapping!
If Your going to join or plan to "Pick A Kit" Please allow 12 hours for a response:)
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And here you all can grab your freebie:QP

Care Bears Freebie

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Sharing This For Anyone Who Wants It, Enjoy:)

Double Trouble

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Hey All,
I'm Back With Another Kit, This One Was Made With My Twin Sons In Mind That's Why I Call It Double Trouble,LOL In The QP Below You Will See My 3 Sons, Christopher Is On Top My Oldest Son At 6 Years Old. He Is On Vacation All The Way In VA With Out Me:( I Miss My Baby So Much But As You Can See He's Having Fun Staying In My Cousins House In VA.
Ok The Bottom 2 Are My Twins, Victor & Michael, My Double Trouble:) Love All My Mama's Boys But They Are So Glued To My Butt, But Then Again So Is My Daughter,LOL
Any Way This Is My New One For My Members:) But As Always Everyone Gets A Freebie. The Qp Shown On The Bottom. Sorry Not All Is Shown, Some Papers Elements And QP's Are Not Shown.
Hope You Like It, Enjoy And I'll Be Back Real Soon.
IF Your Just Joining Or Going To "Pick A Kit" Please Allow 12 Hours For A Response

Disney Babies (FREEBIE)

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Good Afternoon,
I made this for my kids i am putting it up just in case any of you want it, its here for the taking.
No you dont have to be a member to get this
No you dont have to pay for this!
Its free for anyone that likes the diney babies as much as i do. the gang is all here, Mickey, minnie donald daisy goofy and pluto. Its a mini all is not shown but it does come with complete alpha, Enjoy:)
Everything i used i got from the archive section free downloads at disney .com and also my printer came with a cd that had some of it as well:)

Nana's Garden Alpha

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ok heres the alpha to Nana's Garden, Freebie for all:)
Enjoy all:)

Nana's Garden (Big Kit)

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Happy 4TH Every One,
I So Hate 4shared Right now. I have been trying to upload this kit for days but i just a frozen laptop every time i go on 4shared. Anyway i am very happy that i don't do PSP files any more:)
But this kit is a little big, i separated it in to 9 files:) did my best, lol
This is Nana's Garden Lots and lots of flowers! Its a little big because i chose 7 different colors to work with just to brighten it all up. So The kit has:
56 Flowers
31 Frames
28 Papers
21 Bows
19 Elements (Brads, Buttons, Lace Trimming)
9 Ribbons
7 Tags
7 Glitter Papers
Blah Blah,lol
Total- 185
But alpha isn't ready yet, so that's not included with the 185
Hope you all like it and enjoy i also have a freebie sampler for non members as well.
if your going to join or Pick A Kit please allow 12 hours for download:)