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Hello All,

Here's This weeks new one, Mariposa (Butterfly)

Hope you all like it as much as i liked making it:)

Have a great Day:)

Happy Scrapping:)



and Here


and freebie for all here


Christopher's A Knight's Tale

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Good Afternoon,
This is A Knight's Tale, Made For My Son:)
And as you can see in the preview Lady Jessalyn & Knight Christopher meet in a QP, This is a members kit but as always you have a freebie for non members.
Any New Comers or If Your Going To Pick A Kit, Please Give 12 Hours For Info:)
Happy Scrapping,
Members Here Members

AND Here MembersPSP

Freebie Here Freebie

Jessalyn's Fairy Tale

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Good Afternoon All,
This is Jessalyn's Fairy Tale, Yep Made Just For My Lil One But Works For All Girls:)
all is not shown!!! You Have Lady Jessalyn & Her 3 Fairy's Dalila, Lindsey, Elanor(My Chunky Fairy) & Little Unicorn Sprinkles, Yes i Named them all, lol there are many frames to chose from some are glitter but not all shown and a 8x8 castle frame as in the preview.
Yes there is a free 8x8 QP for all & Download Links For All Members, If You Just Joining Or Going To Pick A Kit, Please Allow 12 Hours For A Response:)
Yes You Can Join Or Just Pick a Kit For $1.50, more details on Left side
& Happy Birthday Mommy <3 Members
and Here
and Freebie For All Here-

If You Missed Out

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12 Old Qp's 4 anyone who missed out:)

To Mom.... With Love:)

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Not All Shown: 20 Papers, 9 Frames, 2 Complete Alpha's, 4 Quick Pages & 47 Ribbons bows elements & Stuff
Good Morning,
Yep I got it done:) This is my mother's day kit, (To Mom... With Love) it reminds me of that song every time i write it,lol
anyway i would like to wish all mothers a happy mother's day, from my family to yours. i hope all goes well for you on the one little day we get a year for cleaning cooking washing and the late night's we stay up with the little ones who have a cold. for all the homework we helped get done and the miracles we preform at the last min. For the 3 hour wait in the doctors office even if we have an appointment! For the long walks we have taken to find that perfect book bag, t shirt or sneakers while having a very bad headache or our feet having their own heart beat.
yes i know,lol I wanted to scan a card my daughter made me for mother's day but the scanner isn't working at this time but i still wanted you all to see this, my daughter is 9 years old and this is what she wrote.
Download for members here
Dear Mommy,
Happy mothers day! Thank you for giving birth to me. I know it was alot of pain, and i feel very bad for you because you have 5 annoying kids that only care about themselves and a husband that does not help out. you really need a break, and when i get older I'm going to take care of you, not no hospital!!
Love Jessalyn.
LMAO when i first read it i thought it was so cute but then i started thinking how she's only 9 and she already knows about nursing homes,lol
Wow, anyway happy mother's day to you all:)
Oh before i forget i have a question: Ok i make my layouts with pictures but when i print them I'm never happy, either the paper is to weak or the colors look like crap. I went on shutterfly and i noticed that they do it there but not exactly what i want. I want to make my own book with my own layouts, my backgrounds and my own cover does anyone know where i can do this? Please help me out, i really want to get this done.
Mother's day special, Subscribe for 3 months and get 4, 6 months will get you 7, Now till Sunday night. Or "Pick A Kit" Now You Can Pick Any Kit Posted February 1st To Present Date For Just $1.50:) Left Hand Side For More Details

Sylvia QP's

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Good Evening All,
This was going to be a full kit, but it didnt happen.
So I Got 5 QP's Out Of It, 6X6 PNG Files.
I'm Getting This Off My Computer So I Can Finish Up My Mothers Day Kit That I Hope Will Be Done By Wednesday.
To Every One Who Downloads Please Remember Your Manners & Leave A Comment It Only Takes a Min. I Noticed That Comments Are Getting Rare Not Only On My Blog But Most Of The Others As Well, Keep In Mind When We Put Up Freebies We Are Doing It To Be Nice & Because We All Have The Same Hobby.
Happy Scrapping To All & I'll Be Back With The Mothers Day Kit With A Freebie For All:)
I Would Love To See Anything You Made Out Of My Kits:)

Strawberry Splash

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Good Morning All,
Love these colors and i love spring time:) Strawberry Splash is the new one. Hope you all like it as much as i do. Sorry i haven't been on so much i have been trying to do my own scrap book and it's not easy! i have several shoe boxes of pictures to do and i still have not made my kids their baby books yet. Yes i am way behind and that is what i have been up to. Question the other day i woke up to one of those paid programs on tv but i fell in love with the product:) what i want to know does anyone have one? will i be wasting my money if i got one? The Product is called Cricut Please let me know because that is what i tagged for mothers day:) yes i woke up my husband after taping it and i put out the puckered lips and bated the long eye lashes! So any info about this let me know.
Ok back to the kit, Members can get it here
and here

and freebie for all, Leave some love here:) it looks funny put it is clear where it is suppose to be clear

"Pick A Kit" Now You Can Pick Any Kit Posted February 1st To Present Date For Just $1.00:) Left Hand Side For More Details