Desiree Pt 4 (Last Part)

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This is part 4 of Desiree
thanks for all who already join up i didnt forget about you, i will be sending out emails tomorrow with all info you may need:)
For everyone else i'll always will give some sort of freebie:)
For all that have or like the name Desiree, well me too, if it wasn't for my mom saying she should be allowed to name her first grand child then that would of been my daughters name, Oh well.

Desiree Pt 3 + Member info

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Pt 3 Of Desiree
Pt 4 Will Be posted tomorrow night, I will Be taking the first 20 to sign up for a year subscription
for the price of 3 months, all files will be saved in PNG & PSP files Taggers are welcomed But no sharing allowed!!!
talk to you tomorrow:)

Desiree Pt 2

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Hey, This Is Part 2 of Desiree
tomorrow night pt 3 will be posted, hope you all like it- dont forget to join up by clicking the subscribe button on the top right side, 8x8 files in PNG & PSP format- 4 to 5 kits a month thats less then 50Cent a kit :) read the 4shared comments section for a great deal!!! hope yous all join and i'll be back tomorrow with pt 3,
as always happy scrapping:)

Desiree Pt. 1

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Hello All,

this is part one of Desiree.

hope you's all like it sorry i havent been around i've been working on my soon to be members kits as you can see in the slide show to the right, it starts february 1st. come join today, sit back and relax and enjoy my addiction :)




2nd part will be posted monday night


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Hello All,

Hope everyone had a great weekend:)
Mine was long! Sucked! Didn't go out! Stayed home with the kids:(
I know everyone wants my life,lol

This is a mini kit i made a while ago, small files!
Alpha will be out by wednesday i hope:)

I Love to see what you scrappers make with my kits, feel free to send it to me, really, lol

Have a great day!
As always, Happy Scrapping:)


SUBSCRIBE FOR 6 MONTHS & Get 9 Months:) Deal Ends February 28!!!


Gentle Breeze (Alpha)

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Gentle Breeze

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Hello All,

Hope everyone is having a great week:)
I'am so tired!!! I want a long Vacation! I Have five to many kids,lol.
i have soon to be a teenager problems. Save me, i lost my mommy hand book.
OMG what do you do when you catch your 12 year old walking with four boys? I was so mad!!! I didnt say anything because when it was me and my mom yelled at me in front of my friends, i didnt like it, but then again thinking about when it was me is what scared me! I was no devil but didnt make it to an angel either, so now i understand what my mom was talking about.
I wish there was some easy way to handle this crap but no, i checked:(

Anyway this is a mini kit i was working on, hope you like it:)


Gentle Breeze

Fun With Tubes 3 (for The Kids)

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Hey Scrappers:)

I made these for my sons kindergarten class. I dont know about you but this parent here has one to many macaroni necklaces! So i figure i do something to help out since his teachers do so much already, i figured to put one of these frames in the front of a card so the kids could give them to their parents, with a picture of the child of course, lol
well their are ten frames in all and two tags.

FYI- starting February 1st. i will be opening up a membership for my kits
Members will have a three month period for six dollars.
one month would be a minimum of four kits! But i will be getting more programs so it could go to five - six kits a month.

Members will have the kits sent via email, if thats a problem then we'll work something out:)
The kits can be used anyway you see fit (but no sharing with non members).
Members also have the option of Getting the PNG files Or PSP files.
Starting then all frames will be made 12x12 & papers 24x24. i already have in the works a valentines kit.

Non Members will always get some sort of a freebie:)
thats about it for now.

As Always Happy Scrapping!


Fun With Tubes 2 (Lovers Frames)

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Hey Scrappers,
i made these a few weeks ago just couldn't find them,lol
any way, i did not make the tubes!! credit goes to who ever did make them, i just like playing with them:)
They were shared with me from some great people at the yahoo group Sexy_Psp go check it out love the sends they are a great crowed too:)
Happy Scrapping All!!!

My Pink Bunny

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Ok Here It Is As Promised.
This Is The Kit I Made My Header With.

Talk To You All Soon,
Happy Scrapping!

As Always I Would Love To See What You Make With My Kits And If You Have A Blog Or Web Page I would Love To See That As Well.
I'm Still Taking Emails For The Bratz Bonus Play:)


SUBSCRIBE FOR 6 MONTHS & Get 9 Months:) Deal Ends February 28!!!

Expired, Sorry

Love & Kisses

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Hello All,

Hope All Are Well:)

I Made this one a little bigger because i want it printed on my wall, lol
the frames are 24x24
papers are 32x32
so that you know :)

also if you scrappers dont know of Janniscraps, then let me tell you she has awesome stuff but she has a membership. trust me you dont want to get stuck like i did waiting for her to open up memberships again, she closes them the end of this month so if you check out the other blogs i like shes there, check her out.
also check S.J. wright she has opened memberships as well :)

ok back to my kit, i got an idea yesterday while clean up my kids room, i saw one of those view masters that most of us had as kids. you know those toys that you have to look up at the light to see, well i thought how cute it would be to have a frame like that but with hearts, lol
so it took me about 6 hours to do this kit but then i fell asleep, very bad headace so i couldn't post it till now.

this is my wedding day:) i got married 3/4/05 at 3:45 pm, lol yes i know but really it just happened not planned at all! i wanted to wait till 7/7/07 but i couldn't, :( oh well

hope you all like it, please i would love to see what you come up with!

As always happy scrapping :)


Expired, Sorry

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Bratz (Bonus Add On)

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Ok scrappers heres the deal i made extra just so i could do this, lol
ok for anyone that wants the add on to the Bratz kit, this is what you have to do (smile)
Send me something you made with one of my kits, (IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE MADE WITH THE BRATZ KIT, ANY ONE OF MY KITS) i mean a page with photos people not a quick page! Send it to my email with your name and where your from so i can put it on a slide show and i'll send you via email the link to the bratz bonus pack, giggles,lol
ok it comes with the following:
2 glitter lips
3 key chains
3 photo key chains 12x12 in size
1 lip frame
2 diamond hearts
2 diamond lips
4 chains
1 lip belt
hope to see your pages in my email soon,
put in the subject area so i know and you wont get deleted (Bratz Bonus Play) Email:
this should be fun, lol

Bratz (The Love Of A Daughter)

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Hello All,

Hope Everyone Is Having A Great weekend:)

Ok this isn't the one i said i would come out with today, sorry. I'll finish that one up sometime this week. This kit was made for my baby girl Jessalyn, she loves bratz and i have been at it for a little over a month now so it was about time to come back and finish it for her and every little girl my scrapper friends have:)
Ok just so you know all papers & frames are made 12x12.
I make the frames that big so you can change it to your size of choice, i noticed when things are small they lose their color when stretched.

This kit comes with the following:
10 Papers
5 Frames Plus a special one for the little bratz fans, not shown, also 1 frame looks like a photo album, i could of put a title but i left it blank so would be able to put what you want:)
1 Alpha set
3 Buttons (to put label on)
4 reg. Buttons
3 clips
2 Bottle caps
1 Belt Buckle
2 Fasteners
3 Glitter flowers
1 Clip Board
2 Page/Photo corners
2 Heart tags
1 Glitter Bow
9 Kiss Pins (every color combo for this kit)
3 Staples
1 Triple Heart
2 Corset Ribbons
4 Ribbons
1 Belt
Hope You All like it and come back to play for the bonus pack

As Always happy Scrapping!!

Hugs, Maria

Expired, Sorry
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Sleepy Dreamer

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Good Morning All,
It's So Cold Over Here In New Jersey & Tomorrow It's Going To Be Much Colder,
But No Snow:(
Today Was Back To School For Jersey Kids. Yea!
I so need a long vacation somewhere where no kids are aloud, No phones & No Husbands, Lol
Yes i just want to be alone, after the long holiday rush, mess, cooking and everything else that most moms or wives are just expected to do, does anyone know what i'm talking about? i'm sure you do, Lol
Anyway i'm feeling better now that the older kids are back in school that gives me a 8 hour break with just the twins to deal with, thats not so bad.

I finally Got this one done, yes i start many if i get tired i move to the next and come back later:)
Hope all are safe and warm and i'll talk to you soon, i'm trying to finish the kit that i made my header with hopefully by saturday.

Have a great week!

You Can Get it here, Please Leave some Love :)
Expired, Sorry

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