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Holiday Frames 2

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Holiday Frames 1

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Santa's Playground _ Winter Chill

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Happy Holidays Everyone :)
Yes i know it's been awhile since I've been on, but life has become a bit busy :(
This year makes last year sound like a party, and i know I'm not the only one! Everyone has to have felt the change already. I am the biggest Christmas nut but i already decided to wait till next year and to let this one just pass by. It's just not the same for me or my family and friends this year. Hours have been cut, People have lost their job- or can't find one! A lot of us hit rock bottom it sucks so this holiday season just doesn't feel so great at all. I can stand outside my house and look around and what I see is not what i saw last year, my neighbors just aren't in the mood. Last year the whole block was decorated in lights this year i put mine up and so far I'm the only one and some still haven't taken down their pumpkins and fall stuff, so i figure if i do it it may cause i chain reaction well guess what i got? Some one took some of my light bulbs :( i mean come on now why would anyone want to do that? so i had to redo them :( I saw the news the other day and it sucks about the job chain reactions that are going on, yep it hit here too:( but life still goes on. I Hope everyone is doing their best, put up your lights! chances are that little twinkle would put a smile on someones face. It always gets bad before it gets better, right????

Yep this is part of the family, the twins do look weird! John picked today to shave off their hair :(

I'm posting 2 because i'v been away so i need to catch up :)
Members can download Winter Chill Here-

(((Freebie on the bottom of post))

And this is Santa's Playground :)
Members can down load here-

((Freebie On The Bottom Of Post))

If Your Planning to join or "Pick A Kit" please allow 12 hours 4 a response
Also on the right hand side i put up a blog where you can get it by the month its the top blog under blogs i like, From today till January 28 if you buy one month you can get the second Month of your choice for free must be equal or lesser value, Just right me a note.
Please do not upload to my 4shared.
and the two Freebies you can get here

Winter Fun

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Good Morning,
Hope Everyone Is Enjoying The Cold Weather :) Its Been A Long Week For Me Very Busy Here At Home, But I Have Great News, My Younger Sister Cynthia Is Going To Have A Baby, Maybe In June Or July I'll Keep You All Posted :) Other then that its just time to get ready for the holiday season, we have thanksgiving next week followed by black friday the day we all love to shop:) I Just cant wait to put up my Christmas tree next week, yay. Tis the season.
anyway this is my new one for the week, Winter Fun, yeah i couldn't think of a name. all is not shown but i did try to put at least one of everything but i just hate previews it makes you want to make mini kits :)
Enjoy all and i'll be back soon, Happy Holidays :)
Memebers can download here:

and freebie for all here:
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Xmas Freebie 1

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Santa Baby (Babys First Christmas)

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Hello All,
Ok it's been a long week but i got this done, i did two kits but they are the same! One for baby girls and the other for baby boys, Baby's first christmas- but i call it Santa Baby:) Cute right yes i know, lol Anyway all is not shown because i hate to make previews!!! but they are the same you have a lot of stuff to play with :) Members can get them both, but if you are going to pick a kit, you get the one you pick girl or boy. Members will see if they download both kits all files fit together, but if you only download one or pick a kit you might think you are missing files, its just that i made them together thats all :)
as always i made a freebie for all, its a beautiful poem for baby's first christmas so you get to pick or take them all:) hope you all enjoy and i'll be back sometime next week.
Have a great weekend:)
Members can download the girls kit here GirlSantaBaby
and the boys kit here BoySantaBaby

Freebie For All
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Santa Baby Girl

Santa Baby Boy

Ginger Bread Land

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Good Morning All,
This is my new kit for my sweet members- Ginger Bread Land. All is not shown!
I made my own ginger bread houses but i also included the blank ones so you can make your own :)
Over 45 elements to play with and about 12 papers as well as a QP which all can get as a freebie.
i have been working on a lot of holiday stuff since this is my favorite time of year so stay tuned :)
also i may do the 25 or 12 days of christmas since i have been collecting a lot of tubes,
hope you enjoy the kit and all to come because i am having fun making them :)
Have a great week and i'll be back soon!
Members can get download here
And Freebie Here,
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Happy Halloween

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Just Stopping In To Wish Everyone A Happy & Safe Halloween:)
Also Have A Great Weekend!


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Good Day All,
I Am Having Alot Of Problems With 4Shared So Please Hang In There, If You Have Any More Problems Then Please Feel Free to Email Me.
Enjoy All! Members

& The Freebie QP for all,
(If your going to pick a kit or join please allow 12 hours for a response

My Girl

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Hello All,
It's Been Awhile But I'm Here :) This Is My Girl. Why I Gave It That Name I Don't Know, I Guess Because Bubble Gum Was Taken, lol. Wow it got cold over here out of no where, we were getting summer like weather (real nice) And Then It Dropped Down To 43o. It was just last week i was outside in my capri's and t-shirt now i have the jeans sweater and coat!
Halloween is coming and i cant wait (For it to be over). November 1st will be the beginning of my christmas season! I wait for this time of year well every year, lol
Hope all is well enjoy :)
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Candy Corn Costume Party_Add On

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Good Morning,
Sorry this took a while but everything i try to upload to 4shared keeps saying io error over and over i dont get it but here is the add on to the last kit, sorry about the wait. and i made a qp for everyone out of some tubes i collected enjoy:)

Candy Corn Costume Party

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Good Morning All,
October is here and it feels like it was just summer yesterday. Halloween is coming up and all kids are happy, my cookies birthday is in a few days. she's going to be 10 :( Time really does fly!! Well laptop is fixed and the other pc just stopped working so now i have to fight with every one in the house to use this one. i just love how you fix one thing just so something else can mess up. Well this kit is just something i was working on and i have more to this kit just not done yet, i'm hoping it will be done before sunday if they would just give me the chance. no to mention it is taking me like hours to upload to 4shared. over and over again you click it uploads nothing!
enjoy :)
Pick A Kit Is $1.50

sponge bob

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Diamonds n Denium

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yep i'm back and will be back again soon, still trying to get stuff off not very easy!
Attention- Can these people please email me, Alice Morris,Alicia Howe & sfandm, my emails keep going un answered.